Die You Dragon MuthaFucka

from by Dragon Slayer

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in the magic land of silartia
the wise king theo-dorf
faced a great dilema
an evil dragon terrorized his land
so he told his warriors to take a sword in hand
but none returned and none could defeated
the wise king theo-dorf feard he would be unseated

but then he came with hair long and gold
shimmering armor, what a sight to behold
he was ultimor the swordsman of power
he swore the dragon would see his last hour
then he sped off on a stallion of white
galloping at the speed of light

in the region
of brooke lyon
all the women
and the children
they were dying. hahahahaha,
in a black robe with a musty mask
a wizard stood with a bone laden staff
energy surged from his magical might
undead minions to his left and to his right
he needed to capture a dragons soul
to make a magic potion to save them aaauuhhwwl.

he was steve
steve the necromancer
he was steve... mwuahahahaha
steve the necromancer!!!

atop the mountain zade
the dragon waited for its prey
from the west a warrior brave
from the east he smelled of grave

two entered his cave
same time
same place
a battle then
ensued but it deeeeed not look gewwd

the dragon was about to consume them
with the flame from his breath
fire poured from his mouth
but then this song echoed out

"music is the magic"
that's what i said
the dragon was distracted and they cut off his head
thank you my friend, what's your name?
it's halineth.

they returned to the town
people dancing all around
let's go far away
save the world
all the people would know our names...
dragon slayer.


from Eat The Rainbow, released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Dragon Slayer Brooklyn, New York

in the magic land of silatria

the wise king theodorf faced a grave dilema

an evil dragon terrorized his lands

so he told his warriors to take a sword in hand

but none returned no none could defeat it

and wise king theodorf feared he would be unseated
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