Pixie Dew

from by Dragon Slayer

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he was a troll that made pixies cry
underneath the bridge and covered in dew
a big ugly troll wanted pixie poo
working on his garments
something’s not right…
the missing ingredient was “sexy fright”
waiting in the shadows and hoping for prey
a pixie came a floatin’ in a sexy way
he jumped up at her with a vicious roar
an ahhhh and an oooh then she fell to the floor
he was a troll that made pixies cry
picking her up with cold slimey hands
he took her below with sinister plans
stuck her in a bottle with a cork in the top
the stench of his breath almost made her throw opp
“now pixie dear here’s what i will do… my clothes need sexy and it’s coming from YOU!”
licking his lips with magnificent eyes.
he scared her so much that she started to cry.
he was a troll that made pixies cry
shoobeedoo wap wap
boowabeedee dat
deebeeep bop bop doowabitty SCAT
bap bap doo wap shee shabee dee doo!!
bop bop baloobop I WANT YOUR POO!!!
he was a troll that made pixies cry
the bottle filled with tears and a little sexy turd
the pixie flew away without a word
“this is my prize!!! now my clothes are complete!!!”
so he poured the bottle out from his head to his feet
but the tears of a pixie are a magical thing.
he burst into flames and we started to sing x3
he was a troll that made pixies cry
pixie’s poo is what he wants from you
he’s covered in dew
he’s covered in poo!!!!


from Eat The Rainbow, released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Dragon Slayer Brooklyn, New York

in the magic land of silatria

the wise king theodorf faced a grave dilema

an evil dragon terrorized his lands

so he told his warriors to take a sword in hand

but none returned no none could defeat it

and wise king theodorf feared he would be unseated
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